Posted on December 1, 2018


P R B Journey




@ Los Angeles, CA. USA



Posted on April 13, 2018


Research in Architecture and Design


Through a multidisciplinary approach to architecture, together with an integrated notion of design processes, the presentation illustrates the new capabilities of technology in architecture. At the same time, the necessity of an embedded design theory and methodologies opens the frame towards a manifest education.




@ Walker Architekten, Switzerland



Posted on March 13, 2017


Digital Fabrication


New paradigms of Digital Fabrication in Architecture - "Artisanal & Computational"


The lecture explored the fusion of artisanal craftsmanship with advanced digital fabrication in architecture. Featuring technologies like 3D printing, CNC milling, and robotic assembly, the discussion showcased projects blending traditional and modern techniques. It addressed challenges such as skill gaps and highlighted future trends, emphasizing the potential for groundbreaking architectural innovations through the synergy of artisanal and computational methods.




@ UPM - ETSAM. Spain

Posted on January 25, 2017


House 4178


MAS ETH in Architecture and Digital Fabrication 2015-2016

Design and Robotic Fabrication of a Timber double-story Structure


House 4178 is a project from the MAS ETH in Architecture and Digital Fabrication program (2015-2016) focused on the design and robotic fabrication of a timber double-story structure. This endeavor aimed to create a minimal living unit through computational design and robotic fabrication, presenting a significant design, engineering, and technical challenge. The project required the development of innovative solutions and novel robotic processes, pushing the boundaries of architectural fabrication techniques.



Posted on May 1, 2016


Reihenhäuser in Rifferswill


Brockmann Stierlin Architekten


Posted on April 06, 2016


Tellstrasse, 8


Das Haus an der Tellstrasse 8 in Zürich ist die Hälfte eines Baumeisterhauses von 1887. Die äussere Gestalt des Mehrfamilienhauses wird aufgefrischt und nur im obersten Geschoss angepasst. Die bestehende Dachform erhält einen Ausbau, welcher dieses Geschoss zu einem Vollgeschoss aufwertet. Dieses neu geschaffene Volumen tritt an der Stirnfassade als kronenartiger Abschluss des Gebäudes in Erscheinung.


Brockmann Stierlin Architekten

Posted on October 4, 2015




Kosaku Matsumoto


ASAKUSA is a 40-square-meter exhibition venue for contemporary art programmes committed to advancing curatorial collaboration and practices.

Posted on July 26, 2014


T - 40


New project in Playa de los alemanes (T-40), Zahara de los Atunes


The project addresses the topological deformation of vernacular construction, focusing on the evolution of traditional Mediterranean architectural archetypes centered around the patio. Designed to manage the eastern wind, Levante, the house features a Southwest-facing envelope with reduced porosity towards the Northwest. The roof is shaped to follow the wind flow, ensuring the protection of the living patio.



Posted on July 26, 2014




Finished basic project of Campamento Facinas


The project on the outskirts of Facinas, Cádiz, is situated between two protected natural parks near the Atlantic coast. It features a rural campsite with minimal living units spread across 1 Ha of land. The rise of ecotourism fosters environmental preservation and outdoor activities, presenting an alternative to mass tourism. Facinas offers excellent opportunities for bird-sighting, climbing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and diving. The project aims to restore and reactivate two historical XV-century hydraulic flour mills on the site, transforming them into cultural facilities to revitalize local culture and economy. The design emphasizes minimal environmental impact, utilizing local vegetation and materials like wood and heather branches for construction. The cabins are designed with concave walls and integrated functional areas, ensuring energy efficiency through optimal thermodynamic regulation.